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Risk Insights

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Seize new opportunities for growth

Embrace and conquer new and evolving insurance risks with Risk Insights—powered by Cyence.

Write profitable cyber policies

Quantify cyber risk in losses and probabilities with Cyence for Cyber Risk Management—the most comprehensive risk-modeling product built for P&C insurance.

  • Design cutting-edge cyber insurance products for profitable growth

  • Prospect, assess, and price cyber policies, and manage portfolio risk accumulations with a single solution

  • Gain predictive insights derived from real exposure data—more than 45+ risk factors and six accumulation events

Capture the small-business market

Grow your traditional small-business insurance book by harnessing predictive insights through Cyence for Small Business.

  • Differentiate risk and automate underwriting by leveraging behavioral, social, and environmental signals

  • Make smarter pricing and risk selection decisions with proven predictive insights

  • Expand your business profitably by capitalizing on small-business markets

Grow your Personal lines business

Differentiate your business by providing on-demand Cyence for Personal Cyber assessments that include custom remediation recommendations.

  • Create unique value for homeowners, rental, small-business, and large-commercial policyholders

  • Support retention and new growth by offering self-diagnosis cyber risk services

  • Increase market reach by engaging prospects in new, interactive ways

Cyence is part of the economic modeling process that combines the best of Marsh’s experience and partnerships around the globe to help drive superior economic models for clients to understand their particular cyber risk environment.

Tom Reagan

U.S. Cyber Brokerage Practice Leader

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