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Guidewire Data Platform - Unlock unlimited potential with data

Guidewire Data Platform

Unlock unlimited potential with data

Make data-driven decisions to grow business profitably with internal and external data powered by Guidewire Data Platform.

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Our collaboration with Guidewire is a great example of how we believe we can advance the way we look at risk and spark powerful innovation by thinking big and starting small.

Vincent Branch

Chief Executive, Accelerate

Derive instant value from your data

Deliver ready-to-consume data for downstream analytics.

  • Get instant access to all Guidewire core systems data

  • Leverage P&C-specific auto-curation augmented by AI and machine-learning techniques

  • Support your enterprise-wide data strategy

Know your policyholders

Gain 360° views of your policyholders.

  • Deliver superior policyholder service by unifying external data through Cyence data listening with internal Guidewire data

  • Anticipate policyholder needs by using predictive analytics and AI

  • Harness the power of analytics by combining the best data warehousing structures with the flexibility of data lakes

Gain maximum efficiency

Embed analytics in everything you do.

  • Seamlessly move from data curation to insight to value

  • Create brilliant answers to business questions

  • Leverage the power of non-obvious external and syndicated data

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